Winslow Noli


From the outside the house of Poul Winsløw, south of Copenhagen, might seem to be immersed in the Black Forest. Although Poul Winslow is of German descent and his pipes are highly appreciated in Germany, however, he himself is a true Danish pipe maker. He learned the craft in the workshop of Preben Holm (who in the meantime passed away), where he worked for a short period with Per Hansen and Ulf Noltensmeier, the current owners of the Bang brand. Poul Winslow managed the production of Preben Holm for fifteen years and in 1985 decided to start his own business.

His wealth of ideas and his courage in creating unique shapes and using unusual colours are the factors that characterise his pipes. Even experts cannot claim to be able to identify Winsløw’s style, because it is constantly changing. For a period of time he decorated a large part of his ‘Straight Grain’ pipes with coloured acrylic bands applied to the end of the shank.
Today some of his pipes are decorated with silver bands and some have an almost classic style.

He currently has two collaborators and together they produce around 3,000 pipes per year, which are marketed in several countries along with Dunhill and Stanwell pipes. This is an ideal combination as it allows one single manufacturer to offers both Danish-style pipes and high-quality, classic English-style products, as well as handmade pieces by a freehand artist.