The Pipa Castello brand represents the history of Carlo Scotti, an industrious tobacconist from Canton Ticino who, in the early 1900s, had a great passion for tobacco and smoking devices. An esteemed bon vivant and lover of high quality, after making his small tobacconist famous Carlo Scotti became interested in the world of pipes.

The fine qualities of wood, living, warm and molded into essential, softly curved shapes that appeal to the senses of sight, touch and taste, together with the freshness of the subtle but intense fragrances, invite you to indulge in moments of pleasure and relaxation.

Thus was born the Castello brand, a synonym of quality, craftsmanship and experience gained over the years, which continues to spread its message of dedication and passion under the direction of Carlo Scotti’s daughter Savina and son-in-law Franco Coppo.

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